The Recreation North Training Program is delivered through a pan-territorial partnership.

The three territorial recreation and parks associations share a common vision; strengthening the capacity for recreation across the North. This required an innovative program to reduce barriers and increase access to training.

As laureates of the 2015 Arctic Inspiration Prize, the partners designed a flexible, accessible, and inclusive training program.

With several learning pathways, the training develops confidence and competence among recreation leaders and volunteers and is relevant to rural, remote and northern communities.

The training has reached:

  • 68 communities across Canada
  • 270+ individuals (66% Indigenous)

Certificates have been awarded:

  • 65 in Northern Recreation Leadership
  • 18 in Northern Recreation Management

The Recreation North logo represents the partnership of the territorial recreation and parks associations – a segment each for the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. 

The training, like the compass, serves to help individuals find their way.

The colors represent the tones of the vast landscapes that span the three territories.

Connect with your territorial recreation and parks association.

Territorial Recreation and Parks Associations

Development of the Recreation North Training Program was made possible through the generosity of the Arctic Inspiration Prize.

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